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  • Enchanted Winter

    Snow, wind, snow and more snow here.  So I’ll try to pretend that snow is wonderful and magical – and enchanted.  The alternative is to either go cabin crazy (which I may have already done but not know it) or fly someplace warm.  I’m too busy to fly anyplace right now. The end of January […]

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  • Booth 85 – Is Alive!

    A few months back, I took my sister-in-law and niece to Marketplace 3301, a unique store in downtown Billings.  On a whim, I asked about renting a shop booth.  They were full, had a long waiting list but I could add my name in.  So I did. One month later, I got a call and […]

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  • Class Acts

    Spinning…it’s been my art venue of choice lately.  Maybe it’s the ease of not having to count rows, the soothing feel of fiber slipping through my fingers or the supportive guild.  I have five spinning wheels at my house right now, one is a “foster wheel” that I’m holding for someone until they can get […]

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  • Summer of Fiber

    Summer is flying by and so I’ll take a little time to catch you up on all the happenings.  First off, not a lot of book writing or editing has been going on the last few months.  My last novel is still sitting there in a sort of editing stasis mode.  What has been happening […]

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  • Untitled

    Today I am surrounded by boxes and the detritus of seven months living in an apartment.  We start moving into the house on the high plains this weekend.  When I woke up this morning, to the sound of feet tromping overhead, it made me happy – happy that next week, I won’t hear that anymore. […]