Booth 85 – Is Alive!

A few months back, I took my sister-in-law and niece to Marketplace 3301, a unique store in downtown Billings.  On a whim, I asked about renting a shop booth.  They were full, had a long waiting list but I could add my name in.  So I did.

One month later, I got a call and they said they liked the products I listed for the shop booth and that they were unique to the store.  So if I wanted a booth, it was available in less than three weeks.


I haven’t had a shop booth for a few years and hardly any furniture since we left most of it in Minnesota.  So I called on my friends.  I partnered with Tammy, with Goldieknots Montana and together we’d share the booth.  We both had fiber, yarn and vintagey shabby chic stuff.  Check it out:

You can find our booth at Marketplace 3301, 3301 1st Ave. N. in Billings, MT.  Go up the stairs, turn left, we’re the last booth on the right.

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