Woolly Fall

I know we say it every year, but where did the summer go?  This one seemed particularly fast and with wildfires all over the state, there wasn’t a lot of hiking and driving up mountain paths.  But our Prairie Handspinners Fiber Fest has come and gone, Spinzilla is spun out and I can once again experience the seasons.  So I created my own slice of autumn colors with some wool and needles.  They are easy and quick so I thought I’d share how they’re made.

Woolly Pumpkins

You need:

  1. Needle felting needles and foam
  2. 1/2 oz. of waste fiber for the middle
  3. 1/4 oz of orange fiber
  4. Little strip of green for stem, I used Malabrigo Nube
  5. Scissors

Step 1:  Roll your waste fiber into a ball and lightly felt it together with your needle.  It doesn’t have to be uniform or tight and it’s better if the shape is more flat than tall.

Step 2: Take your orange fiber and apply it with your needle, from the top to the bottom in strips.  Lightly tack into place, no need to densely felt it unless you want that look.

Step 3: Decide which end is top, which is the bottom.  Flatten the bottom with your needle so the pumpkin can sit without wobbling.

Step 4: Take about 1-2″ of your stem fiber and roll it in your hands.  Lightly felt it so it stays together.  Attach one end to the top.  Then on the other end, cut across the fiber so it has an even edge.  I know you’re never suppose to cut fiber but the results are worth it in this case.

And you’re done!  Enjoy your woolly pumpkins.  You can make them in all sizes, shapes and colors.

If you’d like in-person help, I have a class on October 7th at Crooked Line Studio.  Or schedule me for a custom class – find the information here.

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