Big Sky – Explodes!

So this happened yesterday:

The hottest pattern on ravelry for about a day.  Yeah, I can’t believe it either!  And the funny thing is, I don’t have a completed sample of the scarf yet because it’s supposed to take a year to make.  In my defense, I did swatch it out and figure out the sizing and the “recipe” for the scarf.  The pattern is meant to be a how-to rather than a strict pattern.  

The night before this all happened, I uploaded my pattern, checked all the boxes and then thought I’d go to bed and review how it looked tomorrow.  Because no one would notice a pattern without a finished object in the photo, right?  Well, the next day I went to work and because I work at a yarn store, I checked the hottest patterns on ravelry for the day and then stopped in shock.  I’m still in a daze about it especially since this is my least prepared pattern.  

I’m so grateful though for all those wonderful knitters who love the idea of watching the skies and knitting a scarf based on what they see.  It’s such a fun idea to be aware of your surroundings and then make a knitted diary of a year.  And in Montana, the skies are so expressive that I could knit a different color every hour on some days.  This is the inspiration for the scarf – the joy of seeing the beauty around and capturing it in yarn.

And so, since I’ve had several people leave messages, private and public about how much they love the scarf idea, we are doing a Knit-A-Long.  This will start on January 1, 2018 (or whenever you want to start, I won’t judge).  To join us, find it on the ravelry thread here.  

I’m still scrambling to catch up with all this means.  I haven’t even had time to add it to my website or announce it any other way but brief facebook posts.  But it has given me new insight into what knitting can be to a community of people.  It’s so beautiful.  And now, let’s knit.

Big Sky Weather Scarf – free pattern

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