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India by Faith is published and I am currently one day in of a three day free promotion.  If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, get it here.   The last few weeks have been a whirlwind during the final edits, setting up this website and other venues.  I’ve also done a bit of reading online on how to market and launch a book.

You see, when Knitting by Faith came out, it was sort of an experiment.  I just published it and told family and friends.  I hoped to sell about one hundred copies to them and test out how eBook publishing went.  It has sold over 2,000 copies now.  So I had no idea how to market a book, it all came by accident, or so I thought.

Today, I woke up from an odd dream.  The gist of it was, I was working with a women’s shelter and they were remodeling their basement.  One room was finished, so I asked what was in the other parts.  A brothel for Christian Irishmen.  My dreams sometimes are very odd.  I shook myself into the daylight and headed to my laptop to “launch” the free promotion for India by Faith.

Ever since, I’ve been obsessively watching the stats and fighting disappointment.  The places I read online showed stats of hundreds and thousands of copies downloaded during free promotions.  So I submitted to several bloggers, sites, friends, family, every place I could think of.  But the grand total right now is 48 copies from the free promotion.  Far, far from the those thousands or even hundreds.

But, I had forgotten one thing.  And it’s the one thing that’s really important.  India by Faith is not my book to promote.  Yes, I should do a good job of putting it out there so people know about it.  However, it’s really not up to me how well it will do.  Ultimately, it’s in God’s hands.

This book isn’t about me selling copies and getting rich.  Rather, it’s sharing the stories of what God has done and can do.  It is to inspire and encourage others in the walk with Him.  It’s not about obsessing over statistics and eeking out every last bit of marketing I can.  I’ll do as much as I am able to do, and then it’s out of my hands.  And I’m thankful for that.

I think back on that dream this morning and see a meaning there.  Perhaps God was telling me not to prostitute my book and mar the ministry it can do.  For as I expand my writing, corners need to be cleaned out and brought to light.  In this way, the ministry that is done on the first floor is not sidetracked by anything done in the basement.

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