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Horses near the Crazy Mountains


Today, my husband and I did something brave and bold.  We signed a rental lease on a house.  What makes this brave is that it’s about 45 minutes away from ANY type of store including gas, grocery and the like.  We’ve never lived like this, but we’ve wanted to.  The house is from the 1940’s and there’s really not much modern about it.  If you’re looking for an open floor plan with granite counters and a walk in shower (like everyone on HGTV seems to want), this isn’t for you.  There’s even a bedroom with paneling, a carpet from the 1990’s, interesting plumbing and electricity.  Sometimes mice get inside and we’ll have to be careful outside about the rattlesnakes.

Why in the world would this place attract us?  Maybe I didn’t mention the fact that I can see four mountain ranges from the yard.  A fifth is seen over the next hill.  The house is set amid gently rolling hills with the sky stretching out in every direction.  The cost is cheaper than we’ve seen in town for the size of the house.  And somehow, the vintage charm is really interesting.  Like the old hardwood floor in the bedroom, the built in fans between rooms, the curved edges on the ceilings, the custom closets and built ins.  There’s a cattle guard across the driveway and a pasture just beyond the house.  We’re situated amid a 4,000 acre ranch that was proved up 109 years ago and has been in the family ever since.  They’ll let us roam their land, we’ll be a part of a small community of people that know each other and help each other.

It’s not just a house, it’s an opportunity to try a lifestyle.  To see how we measure up against this land and pace of life.  And what better setting for a writer to write?  I can simply step outside for a view of mountains, antelope and other wildlife with our closest neighbor a half mile away.  There’s space and quiet to think and dream.

This was a brave step, because for at least a year, we’re committed to living the rural life on these Montana prairies.  And the writing will happen because even though it’s rural, they still have high speed internet.  Please excuse me now while I go watch the sunset over the mountains.

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