India Calling


India is calling for me to return.  I’ve had countless invitations from my India missionary friend and from the people of India to return to them.  And of course, I am praying for God’s direction.  If you haven’t read about the first three journeys, you can download the book by finding your favorite ebook format here.


The next journey will be in a year or two, preparations begin NOW.  I’ve already started
developing the next handcraft to teach – cardboard loom weaving.  I’m hoping to learn a few more ways to weave to share with the ladies.  This is a craft that can be made with cardboard, a ruler, pencil, scissors and leftover string or fabric.  It is simple to start and doesn’t cost the ladies anything to start with.  I am hoping to bring a little supply of small looms as well by the time I leave the states.  Here’s an example of the little loom I’m currently trying out.


I could return to my any of the locations I’ve gone before, they have all asked me to return.  And I would love to revisit them all.  There are also invitations to go to new places and start new ladies crafting groups.  So we shall see where it all ends up.


The other thing starting now is funding.  Since I no longer have a full time job and do not have a sending church, there’s less opportunity for funds.  So, this is what I’m doing.

Starting November 1st, 2016, ALL the proceeds from my ebooks, knitting patterns and handcrafts on etsy shop will go toward funding the next India trip.  This will be until the trip is fully funded.  

Be Involved

Those who support mission trips are just as important as those who go.  You can be a part of this trip and share in the journey in a variety of ways.

Pray.  For those who will go, those who we work with, for preparation and the journey.  I’ll update you in the newsletter and social media.

Support. Consider purchasing a book, pattern or handmade item for you or someone else.  There will also be opportunities to give directly without a purchase, subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Go and Share.  Interested in going to India with me?  Send me a message and let’s talk.  You don’t have to teach handcrafts, you can share whatever you have with others.  From medical skills to hair cutting, from knitting to prayer walking – any talent you have can be used.

If you’re not able to help or go, then share the opportunity with others.  Share this link, share the email updates, social media, word of mouth.

Thank you for journeying along with me on this next trip.  I look forward to seeing what God has planned for us together!

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