Knitting By Faith

Knitting by Faith

by Julie LeeSong Norman

Knitting by Faith is an inspiring and entertaining celebration of the craft that combines a belief in God. This delightful collection captures the warmth and enjoyment of knitting from choosing and trying not to hoard yarn to wrestling with difficult projects. And ultimately, bridging the connection knitting has with the inward journey of faith. Knitting by Faith is a satisfying book of the author’s personal insights that will engage and inspire.

Ranked #1 on amazon for kindle knitting books, over 1,500 copies sold with a 4 1/2 star average rating.

Here’s what readers are saying about Knitting by Faith:

Julie’s book is full of wisdom and insights! I am not a knitter but found it to be inspiring, uplifting and encouraging to my faith walk. – Linda Stai, author of the Rose Journal

I was a little skeptical when I was first asked to review this book, as I do not share the author’s religious convictions, but I started reading and couldn’t put it down. The personal stories in the book are seamlessly linked to her faith in God, such that even as a non-Christian, I found myself nodding and saying, “Yes, that makes sense,” and, “I totally get that!”
     This book is not just for Christians, and nor is it just for knitters, because I am neither on a regular basis; it is for anyone who has ever sat down with a craft in her hands and pondered the meaning of life. Julie LeeSong Norman does this every times she picks up her needles and the parallels she draws between crafting and religion and life itself are profound, just as her insights into human nature make absolute sense.  So, while I was not sure about reading and reviewing this book at first, I am now glad that I did. I think everyone, religious or not, knitter or not, should read this book. – Amy Hiusser, author of Timberrr! Or How I Fell Down the Appalachian Trail.

This book was very special to me. I am also a knitter, and I am a medical writer. I have been knitting since I was 13. This craft has helped me get through some very challenging times, and it has also been the source of much joy. Thank you, Julie, for saying what I feel. I recommend this book to all knitters, and to anyone who is curious about why this art is so addictive. – Kathy G.

As a fellow knitter, I felt a kindred spirit wrote this book. And she has a wonderful way to convey the magic of words and prayer mixed with fiber and hands. – Stephanie LaCourse

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